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Card College: The Sleight Of Hand Volumes That Teach Quickly And Give You Insane Results (My Review)

Hand tricks and sleight of hand reviewWhy Card College is So Effective…

Card College is more effective than any other course for learning sleight of hand, hand tricks and overall what most would consider magic because:

  1. It takes us behind the curtain to give us actual science, techniques and secret knowledge that no internet sight, YouTube video or magician is going to tell you.
  2. Volume one shows you the proper foundations of sleight of hand, basic sleights, and techniques.  It takes your hand and walks you through EVERY detail for professional hand tricks.

Powerful Courses That Provide Results For Sleight Of Hand

If you have a desire to learn sleight of hand and experience quality learning is a concern… Then Card College is exactly what you need – the simplicity of the techniques and knowledge of hand tricks, sleight of hand and magic is for anyone of any skill level…

…You can literally pick this volume up with ZERO knowledge of the field, and produce a lot of results.

Magic and card tricks results

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Card College Can Be Read At Any Speed

Hand tricks and magicDon’t have the time or desire to sit and read for extended periods? not a problem!

Read as many times as you want to learn at your own pace, and the knowledge of hand tricks and sleight of hand will be practical for the rest of your life.

And Because Card College Is So Effective, There Is Absolutely…

  • NO wasting hours each day on the internet slaving away to find informative videos…
  • NO prior experience or knowledge required for you to pick this up faster…
  • NO spending your hard earned money on schemes or products that promise results but don’t deliver…
  • NO need to read everyday to see results since you can practice tiny amounts of hand tricks, magic and sleight of hand techniques all day long until you become a master of them.

Best Of All:  You Are Guaranteed Satisfaction!

Card College money back guaranteeThe only reason they can say that is because it really does work.

Card College is so easy to understand and simple to implement .

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What Others Are Saying About Card College…

This book has consistently been recommended by friends of mine who are professional magicians. Was not disappointed by the level of detail that Giobbi goes into describing the position of the hands, the psychology of moves, and lots of “Check Points” to make sure that you are doing the methods correctly. The tricks included that make use of the methods are quite nice as well.” – Joshua DeWald

“Anyone interested in magic. Especially card magic. These are absolutely without a doubt the best books written in the field on card magic!” – Anonymous Customer

Perfect! Great introduction for anyone seeking it. The book is extremely thorough and takes a really long time to get through for beginning aspiring magicians” – Racast5

A wonderful tutorial for anyone who wants to discover the world of card magic!” – Lawrence C. Figg

Half way through and I have learnt some very awesome sleights, a basic foundation which I think is necessary indeed” – Peter Overton

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Final Verdict: Is Card College Worth It?

Bottom Line: YES!Sleight of hand magic trick approved

  • Provides clear step-by-step processes for real results
  • You only need to read a little bit at a time…
  • You don’t need to be experienced at all…
  • Card College will save you hundreds of dollars and hours on searching and learning

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s Important That You Begin Learning Right Now…

Because if you DON’T do anything today, you won’t be as great tomorrow as you want to be

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Sleight Of Hand FAQ

Q: Where to buy cards?

A: You can get them directly from the manufacturer here.

Q: Best sleight of hand books?

A: Apart from this book check out this other hit book here and browse the related purchases for highly rated books.

Q: Are Criss Angel and David Blaine the best magicians for sleight of hand?

A: Yes and you can see David Blaine’s work here and Criss Angel’s work here

Good luck, here’s to you having mastery over the world around you!