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3 Sleight Of Hand Tips That Are Proven To Work

Sleight Of Hand Requires Your Body Movement For Hand Tricks…

Hand Tricks…Next time you are out with a friend, move your hands a lot and see how easy it is to draw their attention away from your face with just your hands.  Wave, point, circle things in the air, etc

Science shows us that people’s brains automatically move their eyes to focus on the thing that moves the most.  This is great for any aspiring sleight of hand magicians because with practice you can become an expert at controlling their gaze, while you change the surroundings without their knowledge.

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Sleight of Hand Requires Your Voice To Help Create The Illusion…

Sleight Of Hand…You will be surprised by how you can actually control someone’s eyes with just the sound of your voice.  Your voice is going to the most powerful tool in all of magic

Science shows us that the brain also responds to sounds in ways that help dictate where our attention is placed.  For survival purposes your brain uses sound as a way to find threats.  Use your voice for excitement and elevated volume to draw them into what you want them to see…

…Say things like:

  • “Now I really need you to pay attention to my hand for this trick.”
  • “I want you to notice as much as you can about this card before I put it back into the deck.”
  • Watch my left hand and try to see if you can find out how I do this trick.”

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Sleight Of Hand Requires Physical Touch…

Sleight Of Hand Tricks…In the most famous pickpocket moments caught on camera there is a common theme.  Physical touch will be one of your strongest tools for sleight of hand, and any magic trick.

Science shows us that physical touch is the easiest and most effective way to divert someone’s attention…

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Add touch to your sleight of hand by:

  • Having an audience member hold something
  • asking them to physically examine a card, or any necessary object
  • with their permission touch their palms and have them looking at their hand while you do something with your feet, head, other hand, etc…

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