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Sleight Of Hand Tricks: One Free Secret To Help Drive Your Success In Sleight Of Hand

A Grand Tactic For You

Sleight Of HandI am committed to bringing you powerful, simple and most importantly FREE tips that will transform the way you do sleight of hand tricks.  These tips will:

  1.  Enhance your ability to see what other sleight of hand users are doing right in front of you, and your ability to pick up on how card tricks and hand tricks are done.
  2.  Increase your own ability and skill to perform sleight of hand tricks and blow your audiences away.
  3.   Be extremely simple and effective, and cost you nothing.

Learn Easy Card Tricks

Believe it or not the most important part of any card trick or hand trick is not the trick itself.  There is a method and science that is much smaller and unseen that will drive the success of your sleight of hand tricks.  Keep reading to see the tiny tactics no one is going to give you for free

Using Sound For Sleight Of Hand

There are two types of sound I want to draw your attention to: Flash sounds and drawn out sounds.  These two types are just labels that I gave to them for the ease of understanding.  The first to discuss is the flash sounds…

Flash sounds

Sleight Of Handwhat I qualify as any pop, bang or general sound that is loud quickly and quickly dies off.  A lot of magicians will use finger snaps, claps or small sound effects of excitement to keep someone drawn to what they want them to see…

Example:  If you want someone to pay attention to something with your hands you would snap your fingers and maybe add some claps in.

Why:  Sciences reveals to us that flash sounds force the brain to pay attention to them for fear of safety.  The person will always be drawn subconsciously to the sudden loud noises.  Our brains are hardwired for it!

Drawn Out Sounds

This one is extremely simple and quick way to implement in your sleight of hand.  This is literally any sound that can be held out for longer than two seconds or does not instantly die off.  It can be a random sound, or you giving someone verbal instruction…

Sleight Of HandExample:  “So for this trick I am going to need you to pay attention very closely to my hand.  Try and find out how I am doing this.” or “Oh man did you see that? no? alright I will do it again, but pay close attention.”

Why: Because by asking them and even challenging them to find out your methods you have them right where you want them.  They will focus on anything, when in reality the trick might actually be happening somewhere else and they wont even notice it.

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